Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad Day into a Good Day

Day 3 of the horrible, "rainy" weather yesterday. I put "rainy" in quotes because it's hard to call it rain when it's truly just an annoying cold mist that an umbrella does nothing for. It's not rain if an umbrella doesn't help. We had originally planned to meet up with friends at the National Zoo but given the weather, we decided to go the Natural History museum instead. So trading live animals for dead ones, I guess. We caught the Metro in College Park and headed into the wet city. The kids had never been on the Metro or into DC before, so it was kind of exciting for them. We exited the Metro and just as we were leaving the Metro, we ran into one of my friends and her family. Couldn't have timed that any better considering we were coming from different directions and just happened to choose the "unlikely" Metro stop.

We met up with everyone else, got dried off and ran the kids around the Ocean, Dinosaur, and Bug exhibits. The bug exhibit was clearly recently redone and I laughed because it was largely sponsored by Orkin. Isn't that kind of strange? But they had an extra exhibit with all kinds of live and exotic butterflies and that was really cool. Probably my favorite part of the day especially considering it was really warm and sunny in there. Hmmmmm.

Then everyone was getting pretty hungry (Piper kept signing "eat" too!) so we headed a block over and up for lunch. If you're ever at the Smithsonians, you know there don't seem to be many food options other than the overcrowded in-museum places and cart vendors. So here's a little secret, check out the food court in the Reagan International Trade Center. It's just a block and a half from the Natural History museum and just across the street from the National History museum - right by the Federal Triangle Metro stop. It's huge, has a lot of options and is usually pretty vacant. At least the times we've been there. We happened upon it in 2001 and were pleasantly surprised to find the same thing this time.

All 10 of the kids chowed on their meal of choice and then got up to play around which was fine considering the ample amount of space. Hard to believe it was after 3pm when we finally departed, but we braved the rain and were happy to not have just laid around inside all day. We had an easy trip back except for some colorful antics by some fellow Metro riders - thankfully my kids didn't pick up on any of the horrible words spewing from their mouths although they did think the encounter was a little strange (as did I). Just as we were getting into the car in College Park, we heard a loud boom signaling the start of the Maryland Homecoming football game that we were happy NOT to be attending this year. Wet, cold football is no fun, especially when the team leaves a lot to be desired.

The kids were good the rest of the evening and very ready for bed when the time came. Whew. Another week seems to be upon us now, at least it's supposed to get back to feeling like October again.

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Heather said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I wish I knew about that food court in 2008...we were starved and walked miles and miles for food in 100+ degree weather. Miserable.