Friday, October 09, 2009

Another down for the count.

Clearly, not West Nile virus in Caroline the other day because Piper has it too. (Not that I was definite it was, just a good possibility.) Poor Ms. Pipes woke up with a 101 fever at 5am this morning and it really hasn't completely gone away all day. I picked Caroline up from school and when I got home, Piper was miserable and burning up again. I got her to take some sips of cold water and her ibuprofen but it still didn't go all the way down before bed. She just has that feverish look about her and her nose is a little runny.

Caroline still isn't 100% either but she's gone to school the past 2 days. She's complaining of a sore throat but it's not read or irritated so I know it's something viral. She's also got some kind of nasty sounding congestion in her throat - you know the kind that a kid won't clear out by doing some good coughing. We'll see how she's feeling in the morning.

And it figures Piper was so feverish with this hot weather today. Yuck. I like a nice warm summer day but when you get these random days in October it's like you don't know what to do. The house is all steamy and you feel weird dragging your summer clothes back out.

Now we just wait for Bryce to get it, I guess. He asked Jason tonight if he cold get Piper's illness by kissing her leg.

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