Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15 months old and still sick...

Poor Piper - 15 months old today and she's miserable. She was up a bunch of times last night crying and her cough/congestion sounds terrible. We thought maybe yesterday she was on the mend, but hearing her cough this morning made me want to cry. A hoarse baby is really pitiful!

So I called the doc's back and they are going to fit her in at 4pm. The irony is she has her 15 month checkup scheduled for Friday and when I called on Monday, if they had seen her then, she wasn't 15 months old yet, so it couldn't have been counted as her 15 month checkup but now that today is the magic 14th, when I take her in, they can do both the checkup and sick visit. Don't you love insurance?

I'm just glad we won't have to go through another night wondering how bad she feels. Even if they put her on meds, I know she won't feel better right away, but at least I'll know she's on the mend. I swear, poor Piper has gotten the worst of illnesses in her short 15 months. She's been sick way more than my other 2 were at this age but about 95% of the time, she has gotten sick thanks to one of her siblings having it first. The only exception I can think of is the stomach virus she got from her old daycare last December, otherwise it's all been from her germy siblings.

Caroline got over whatever it is within 5 days and never sounded as bad as Piper, so I know she's gotten it worse. And of course, it could be "the flu" so who knows. We'll see what the doc thinks when he listens to her chest today.

Oh and a Piper funny and warm your heart moment, last night Jason went up to bed around 9:30 and left me downstairs watching TV. He heard Piper crying, so he went in and rocked her but only a moment after he sat down, she clearly wanted down so she wiggled her way out of his lap, hit the floor and went running to our bedroom. She saw the light on in the bathroom and must have assumed I was in there because she made a beeline for it and she must have been sad not to find me. Jason brought her down to me and launched herself to me out of his arms and snuggled right up. Yeah, I know she doesn't feel good but it sure feels good knowing how much my sweet baby loves me. Nothing like a few extra snuggles to end the day.

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Heather said...

xoxoxoxo for poor Piper!