Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zeffy? Steffy? Teffy?

So even though Caroline had her toughest drop off yesterday, she apparently had her "best day of kindergarten EVER!" Those were her EXACT words when I got home. I hugged her and said I'd heard she had a tough drop off but she said, "Yeah, but it got soooooo much better after that." So clearly she's seeing things turn around. This is very similar to how it went the first few weeks of preschool too and then randomly throughout the year. I think sometimes, things just make her a little more sad about going to school one day (maybe a 3 day weekend?) and it is hard for her.

But, her day? Well, here's what was so good about it:
  • Another blue star!
  • Gym class
  • Helping other kids clean up (why doesn't she do this at home?)
  • Making a new friend
So the making a new friend story is actually pretty darn cute. Back at the open house for kindergarten a month ago, there was a little girl that came into the class with her mom and little sister. I noticed them right away too because they all had the same cute little pixie haircut. I also overheard her mother call one of the little girls "Shay" so I knew that was one of their names. Well, apparently, Caroline noticed them too and then noticed that the girl wasn't actually in her class. So as the school year went on, Caroline figured out that this little girl was in Ms. W's class next door and she told me that she wanted to be this girl's friend and how could that happen. I mentioned that maybe they would be in the same class next year but then I asked if she was ever out on the playground at the same time and Caroline said she was. I suggested that she should go and introduce herself next time she saw her.

Well, I guess after a few days of near misses on the playground (the little girl was playing with other kids), Caroline made her move. It sounds like maybe she chased her around a little bit and then somehow the little girl noticed Caroline and they introduced themselves to one another. Caroline says her name is "Zeffy" but I'm not quite sure that's right considering there's a Zeffy in Caroline's class already and the chances of 2 Zeffys is pretty low, right? I'm wondering if she misunderstood it or something. Anyway, Caroline told Zeffy, "Well then your little sister must be named Shay." (I wonder if kindergartners pick up on strange stalkerish behavior - how would she know my sister's name???) Zeffy said yes and then Caroline told her she had a little sister too. (Just as I had suggested - to find out something they have in common.) I guess they played for a few minutes after that and then recess was over, but Caroline was VERY pleased with herself. She told me that now they are friends and that she will wave to her when she sees her in the hall or cafeteria. She's going to figure out her name too and I suggested maybe she ask her how she spells it because you know kindergartners love to spell things. My guess would be maybe her name is Steffy? We'll see. I'm just so proud of her for introducing herself and "putting herself out there" to make a new friend. Probably not something I would have ever done and that is why I encouraged her when she seemed so interested in meeting this girl.

As for the blue star, Caroline is intent on getting 3 in a week so she gets to pick a prize from the drawer. I told her I'm very happy with green, so the blue star is up to her. We'll be proud of her just trying her best, no matter what color.


Anonymous said...

How precious! Caroline is growing up...what a cutie :-) I miss her :-(

Unknown said...

Awww... that's adorable!!! :)

Heather said...

UH, you DID SO do that...must I remind you of History 157?