Saturday, September 05, 2009

Words and Signs

Finally, we finally have some progress on the communication front with Miss Piper. Caroline said her first word at 9 months, Bryce at 10 months, so you can imagine I'm a bit "concerned" that Piper isn't really talking. (I say "concerned" because I know it's way too early to really worry.) We've been trying to get her to sign a few words too with our only success being "milk." But she likes signing milk so much she was signing "milk" for EVERYTHING.

However, just the other day, she finally started signing "more" and just this morning she said "all done." So, is "all done" her first official word? She kind of whines a version of "mama" but it is so garbled, it's hard to call it a word. She is quite verbal and really tries to express her emotions in her own language, but I think we're going to start hearing more words from her in the weeks to come along with some signs too.

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