Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Weekend

It all turned out just fine! The two nights away from the kids seemed minimal since they slept at home on Friday night thanks to my parents bringing them back and putting them to bed after taking them out to dinner. (Apparently the older two were a bit of a handful at bath time and made my usually calm father a bit frazzled. When the sillies hit those 2, you better watch out!) Then on Saturday morning, we had our 6 month dental checkups so we left Piper with my mom and had 4 no cavity appointments!

From there we rushed home, Jay got showered while I fed the kids so that I could take Jason over to his friend, Yong's, where all the groomsman were assembling to get ready, take photos, and just hang out. After watching the guys play a few songs from Beatles Rock Band, I met up with my MIL about halfway to her house and traded the kids off. I was a little sad doing that since Caroline and Piper both cried. I knew they'd be okay though and I reminded Caroline that we would be up by lunch time on Sunday and then we'd have all day on Monday together.

Then, I went home and had a little less than 2 hours to get myself ready. Sounds like a lot of time, but really it's not considering all the little details I needed to attend to. My hair alone takes almost a half hour to dry (it's sooo thick!). When I left the house, my hair was all cute and flipped up on the ends, but by the time I got to the wedding, it wasn't looking as great since the rain had done it's damage. At least I wasn't the bride! But the pink head band and pink pedicure, definitely pulled the look together and I was so happy I'd chosen the dress to begin with.

The ceremony was short, but very sweet. I was caught off guard by the processional of "In My Life" by The Beatles. That was our wedding processional and has a very special meaning to me for obvious reasons. Just hearing that song on it's own always makes me a little misty, so hearing it while the bride was coming down the aisle definitely made me tear up - but in a very good way.

After the ceremony we enjoyed cocktail hour (the place had the coolest bar!) with friends and then headed into the ballroom for the reception. Very good food, fairly good music (although I hate that "party music" stuff like Brickhouse and Play That Funky Music) but after that it got better. The reception was over around 11pm and a bunch of people were going back to Yong's house for a bit but a very tired Jason was D.O.N.E. so we just went home. (Caroline woke us up at 4:30am that morning and Jason couldn't go back to sleep because that's his normal wake up time during the week.)

We got to sleep until almost 8:30am on Sunday morning (heaven for parents of young children) and did some picking up and cleaning around the house before leaving to drop off Jason's tux and make our way up to the IL's. The kids were happy to be reunited with us and after the Ravens game and an early dinner, we came home. Bryce fell asleep on the ride home around 5pm and didn't wake up again until 5am the next morning. "Hey, I slept in my Raven's jersey!" was the first thing Jason heard yesterday.

So while I missed the kids, it was nice to have 2 evenings out in a row. Won't be doing that again any time soon, so I'm okay with it.

I think my biggest frustration of the night was with my old point and shoot camera. Aside from the fact that it's not a DSLR, the battery in it seems to be wearing out. I had charged it fresh for the night and by the time the reception began, it was running out of juice. So it was really slow to focus and just miserable to use. I truly didn't even take a lot of photos, so I know it wasn't that I was using it a lot. All this adds up to me really starting to hate that camera. It's almost 6 years old. Time for a changing of the guard. It was a pretty good camera when we got it in the days before lower end DSLRs came on the scene and it has a lot of settings that you can adjust much like a DSLR, but it just doesn't shoot like a DSLR.

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