Saturday, September 12, 2009


How I managed to get the first cold of the season, I'll never know. I don't think I've gotten a cold without getting it from the kids since before I had kids. WTH? Clearly, I think I got it from work. All those germy graduate applications I've had my hands on recently. And here I thought my Vitamin D dosage would be enough. I guess I need to up it a little to be sure.

It really hit me like a ton of bricks - so much so that I thought it was an allergy attack. We were on the way home from having dinner with my parents and I started sneezing. That happens to me every so often and then I had a runny nose for the rest of the night. Took a benedryl before bed but woke up pretty stuffy. Then, as the morning wore on, I realized I just didn't feel very good. Now I'm stuffy, tired, and achy but I don't want to go to bed because I hate going to bed and not being able to breathe out of my nose.

What's weird about this cold too (aside from the sudden onset) is that my throat didn't even bother me first which is how all my colds usually start. No fever or any other swine-ish symptoms, so I'm not worried.

So what is everyone doing with their vaccines this year? Bryce has never had a flu shot because of his egg allergy. Caroline has always had one each year and I get them when I get to the doctor's in time. We'll see how the H1N1 dispensing happens. We'll definitely be getting our regular seasonal one, but the interesting thing about the H1N1 will be when it's finally released and how it's affecting people. I generally tend to be pro-vaccine though. Of course, it if doesn't even get released for over another month or so, we could have all had it by then with the way it's starting to spread. Apparently there have been bunches of students at University of Maryland and we've had a handful at my institution too. It's just a matter of time. I won't be pushing my way to the front of the line since there are people that need it way more than me, but we'll see how easy it is to get. They are doing the seasonal flu mist at Caroline's school in a few weeks for anyone who wants it, so she'll get it there.

I'll just keep taking my Vitamin D and washing my hands. And trying to get my kids to stop picking their noses. Ew.


Unknown said...

Seeing as I hope to be pregnant sometime very soon, I am VERY worried about the h1n1 stuff and the vaccine... from what I hear, the vaccine isn't proven safe yet, especially for pregnant women and h1n1 is VERY bad news for pregnant women... talk about rock/hard place. (sigh)

We'll all DEFINITELY be getting the regular flu shot... I'll talk to the ped about the H1N1 for the kids and if I turn up prego anytime soon, it'll be on my list of questions for the OB...

Erika said...

Erin - from what I've read, the H1N1 vaccine is in the final stages of clinical trials and the final stages in this case means pregnant women are being tested. Hopefully you'll have some answers soon. I totally understand your anxiety about it though.