Monday, September 14, 2009

Social Lunch

Caroline has eaten lunch at school a total of 6 times now and each day she comes home with a decent amount of her lunch still in her bag. She generally eats all of the sandwich (except for the crust, of course), but most of the other stuff ends up untouched. When I ask her why she's not eating all of her lunch, I hear the same thing every day - "There's not enough time to eat!"

Well, truth is, there is enough time to eat, she just doesn't use it. It seems Ms. Caroline is quite the social butterfly and she spends most of her lunch talking and laughing with friends. I'm not overly concerned since clearly she's not starving herself (she eats all of the morning snack I pack) and she is eating the "main course." I just think it's funny to see how she's growing and changing.

In preschool they had a silent lunch. I thought it was a bit odd at first but then I realized why - if they are silent they actually eat and lunch is over quickly. I guess that Caroline must feel completely "free" now and is totally enjoying this chance to socialize with her new friends without super close supervision. I just wonder if she'll eventually settle down and eat or if she'll keep up this "too social to eat" mentality. She seems to be sitting with the same few girls each day even though she's mentioned that one of them seems a little bit silly and clingy to her already. We'll see if she gets tired of it or if they calm down as they settle more into the routine of things.

Ah kindergarten - who knew we'd be learning so much about our kids from the artifacts they leave behind in their lunch boxes?

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Erin said...

LOL! We are having the "I ran out of time to eat!" issue too. Ben is always yakkity yakking with his friends, it seems...