Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pink Polo Girls

This pink polo dress that was Caroline's is probably one of my favorite little outfits she had as a toddler. So now that Piper is growing into her 12-18 month clothes, I was very excited to pull this one out of the bin of her big sister's clothes. Caroline was about 17 months in this one and Piper is 14 months, so a little difference in age, but not too much. Hard to believe that when this one was taken of Caroline she was still an only child. I barely remember what that was like.

What's also funny about these two photos is that Caroline looks so serene (which she mostly was at that age) and Piper looks a little wild (which she also can be). They each truly have their own personalities and it's so cute to see it coming out in these photos.


Jammie J. said...

So adorable. These comparison pictures always make my day. :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny with the keys, sunglasses and matching locations too (what different shoes!)

I thought Caroline looked like you but man Piper looks sooo much like you!

~ Viv

Heather said...

So cute! Piper is your "mini-me!"

Erika said...

Yeah, if you're gonna try and copy a photo, you've gotta go all the way. Both of their shoes are StrideRite and I still have Caroline's but they're a little bigger since C was a little older at this point. Getting her to hold the keys and sunglasses was easy - she loves holding anything that comes out of my purse!

Erika said...

In retrospect, I'm mad I didn't close the bathroom door - damn, then it would have been even better.