Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Eggs Today

Well we're back. No great news, but no bad news either. Essentially, Dr. S wants to err on the side of caution and not do a food challenge just yet. His skin test, while the egg reaction was lessened from years past, it's still not low enough for him to be comfortable with it. So while he isn't ready to have him eating eggs, he's not opposed to doing a flu shot(s) in a few weeks. He has a method of doing it with egg allergic patients and since he feels it's most important to get the flu shot, he's not concerned about Bryce having a reaction given his decreasing reaction to it. So we'll schedule that in a few weeks when H1N1 becomes available since the peak of that strain will more than likely peak before the regular flu strains do - he'll get that one later.

However, the big news is that now based on all these studies coming out of Duke University (the only good thing to come out of Duke???), about helping kids overcome food allergies that he's in the early stages of developing a protocol. Basically, in a few months, we will give Bryce a very small amount of a food that has egg in it - like a 1/4 of a cookie. If he can eat it without any reaction, we'll continue to give him that amount for a few weeks. Then go back and increase the amount and continue to do that for a while. With any luck, he'll outgrow it even faster!

I'm pretty satisfied with this approach since we know Bryce has had a cookie once before on accident with egg in it that didn't result in any side effects. So while I'm bummed that we're not in the clear food allergy wise, our life will go on and I'll continue making my eggless cookies, cakes, and muffins to rave reviews. The only thing that I am truly a little unhappy about is the future of more Dr. S visits. Some days you barely wait, and other days, like today, you wait a long time. Plus it involves me leaving work early and while I like half days, I don't like spending my time off in a doctor's office.

Oh and the other un-fun thing today was Bryce's actual skin test. He was nervously anticipating it and when we went into the exam room he started hiding his arms. Dr. S wanted a full "adult" food panel to rule out a bunch of things and that meant a lot more "sticking" than just an egg test. When the nurses came in to administer it, he basically went nuts. Screaming, crying, etc - I had to hold him tightly on my lap while they quickly did the 3 panels on his back. Thank goodness they don't have to do it the old fashioned way anymore where they had to prick you for each allergen and then put the serum on. This is so easy and fast, there's really no other way with an unhappy child. But he calmed down as soon as they left and he's fine now. Don't want to have to do that again for a while!

As long as he outgrows it by kindergarten, I'll be happy. And that's nearly 2 years away!

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