Monday, September 14, 2009

Craps for Dinner

If you come to my house for dinner, you'll notice there is a pair of dice on my table these days. No, we're not playing a rousing game of craps or any other kind of dice game, we're getting the kids to eat their dinner.

Even on nights when the kids like what we're having, it's hard to get them to eat. And on the nights they "hate" what we're having (I put hate in quotes b/c they don't truly hate it, they just think they do - I know the difference.), it's even worse! The crying, the whining, the feeble attempts to divert our attention so we forget to make them eat. It's exhausting. And then if they ask how many bites they have to eat, you have to come up with some number that you think is fair, but one that doesn't seem like too many bites or the complaining continues.

And then a few weeks ago I was reading some parenting magazine and it suggested keeping a set of dice at the table and when a kid complains about eating and asks how many bites, you tell them to roll the dice and find out.

I was a tad skeptical but I also realize the power of inanimate objects giving them direction as we've found with things like radio alarm clocks and egg timers. Since then we use the dice several nights a week. They start to complain, I tell them to roll and they do. No problems and they have eaten up to 11 bites worth of food! So far we haven't had any lucky rolls of 2 and truly unlucky rolls of 12, but we'll see. The key is definitely 2 dice since the odds are in the parent's favor to have to eat a half decent number of bites. So far the fewest we've gotten has been 5.

It seems too simple, but so far so good. I'd highly recommend it for your picky eaters too!


Bracken said...

That is pretty clever. I like it.

Lisa :-) said...

You have to make your own dice or add dots to your current dice (lol)! Paint 6 dots on all sides.

Heather said...

I LOVE THAT IDEA!!! Can I post it on my website at work???