Friday, September 25, 2009

Clock without the L

I am now deeming it official, Piper's first word (aside from her ma and da mutterings) is "clock." Well, it doesn't quite sound like clock. Her best pronunciation of it is clock without the l, although most times it comes out like "gock" or "cah," but it's clearly what she's saying because she points to all the clocks in a room and says it. She's quite proud of herself, especially when we dole out the positive reinforcement of smiles and clapping.

I have no idea why this is her first word. Caroline's first word was "dog" which makes sense since loves dogs and saw them frequently at my mom's and MIL's houses. Bryce's first word was "no" probably because he was hearing it a LOT from his big sister at the time. So unless Piper is already showing her interest in promptness, I don't quite know what the connection is, but we'll take it! Being that Caroline said her first word at 9 months and Bryce at 10 months, having a 14 month old that isn't saying anything yet was a bit unnerving for me even though I KNOW it's still really early and my speech pathology friends have assured me there's nothing to worry about yet. But, it is just what I was used to. Not that Ms. P isn't aware of all that is going on around her - in fact, I'm surprised how much she actually understands when you say it. I think now that she's making the connections, we're going to start hearing some more words soon and before I know it, three kids will be interrupting Jason and I at the dinner table as we try to tell one another something about our day. Pure joy.

I can't wait to hear what names she comes up with for Bryce and Caroline. Bryce called Caroline "Ca Ca" (pronounced Ka-Ka) until he was almost 2 and Caroline is the person we credit with giving Bryce his nickname of Brycey, although it was more like "Bycey" in the early months.

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