Friday, September 25, 2009


In kindergarten, they use a "stop light" approach to behavior management. Everyone starts the day on green and if you have a few problems where you're not following directions you are moved down to yellow, and if you REALLY cause problems you end up on red. And for those REALLY great days, you end up on the blue star. Most days, Caroline has remained on green which we've told her is still really great and as long as she is trying her best, that is all that is important to us. She's had a few times where she's landed on yellow and has been a little defeated by it, but we just encourage her to keep on trying and we will be proud. No one can be perfect all the time and I still truly believe she's still in transition. Managing the kindergarten jungle with all the new social opportunities and activities, really is a big overload for kids. She always likes to tell me who ended up on red for the day and the things that they did to land them there. They seem to be for pretty "big" things that Caroline herself deems as "bad" so I am hopeful she will learn from their mistakes.

However, she's been talking a lot lately about wanting to end the day on blue star, which means you've had a super day and gone above and beyond. Clearly, not something you can do everyday and while I've told her green is just fine for us, she is the one who personally wants the blue. She's had several days where she's come home with an extra sticker or two from one of her specials and exhibiting particularly good/helpful behavior in those classes, so I knew she really was trying hard. Well, today I got home and I had a feeling something was up because she and Bryce were sitting on the steps in the garage waiting for me when I pulled up.

As soon as I put the car in park, she bounced out to me and I pretty much knew what the news was - BLUE STAR! Of course, I was thrilled for her because of how proud she was of herself. She said she was going to get one every day and I reminded her that blue star is special because it is hard to get every day, but you can keep trying. She also was very excited because the computer lab teacher (Thursday's special) gave her good marks for the day and she got to be the line leader for going to lunch because of her positive behavior.

Blue star or no blue star, I'm very happy with how much she's enjoying her days in kindergarten. I believe that kindergarten is all about getting into good habits and so far, she's doing really well. There's nothing like a big smile on your child's face at the end of the day.

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Lisa :-) said...

Congratulations Caroline!! :-) Great job!