Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Weekend in Review

It was a busy weekend - I really need to get back into blogging our daily ins and outs. I just haven't been in the mood for some reason. Let's see....

Friday - The big kids went up to my IL's for the night because they hadn't been up in a while and my MIL wanted to take them to a farm fair on Saturday. I thought it would be fine but upon leaving, Caroline got really upset and almost didn't go. She's doing this a lot lately and wouldn't spend the night at my mom's last week. She talks a lot about missing me and being sad. But, we all knew once she got there she'd be okay. So my MIL distracted her with talk of making some kind of collage of photos of all her favorite teen stars. (GAG!) Once they pulled away, she was fine and had a great time.

Saturday - Piper and I got up and went to the grocery store and were home a little after 10am. Yahoo! The fridge was packed but full of lots of healthy goodies. While we were gone, Jason mowed and vacuumed. The kids didn't get home until around 5pm and were bubbling with stories from their day about petting snakes, baby chicks, and fat pigs. They'd had some cotton candy and were pretty happy about it. I also got to see Caroline's big poster she made with Nana of all her favorite teen stars - you know, Jonas Brother, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, etc....it was very nice of my MIL to do that with her. It's funny to see those teen magazines too - just as over the top as they were when I was younger. Not that we'll be buying too many more of those before she's an actual teenager. Anyway, so shortly after arriving home, I got dinner ready for them because my sister was arriving around 6pm for our prearranged date night. For Christmas she gave us a gift card to one of the Kali's restaurants along with childcare. So we took off around 6:30pm for Kali's Court down in Fells Point and had a wonderful meal! The kids had a good time too. When we arrived home around 10pm, they were mostly asleep which is always nice when you get home from a quiet evening out without kids.

Sunday - Kids awoke as usual but instead of to rain, to nasty clouds and VERY muggy air. Friends of ours were supposed to be driving down for a visit that day to swim so I was a little worried about the forecase even though it did look hopeful. Our friends drove through some horrible weather but when they arrived, the sun was peeking through and it actually came out for a few hours so the kids could swim and we could enjoy some outdoor time. The kids had a very good time showing off their swimming skills and Piper made friends with the little 2 year old who was visiting. It was great to see everyone and we greatly appreciated my parents letting us use their house/pool once again to entertain. Where else do you want to be on a summer Sunday? As the day wore on, I realized my mom still wasn't feeling 100% after battling with bronchitis. Plus, as she gets closer to her wrist surgery I know her wrist has been bothering her too. So looking for a good excuse not to go to work on Monday, I told my mom I'd take the day off so she wouldn't have to manage the kids by herself (obviously I can handle the kids alone but I knew she wouldn't want to miss out on her usual Monday with them).

Monday - Well, there wasn't much on my calendar so I called out and made plans. We had originally talked about taking the kids to see that G Force movie but realized taking Piper was a bad idea and then Caroline insisted she didn't like the movies because it's too loud, the commercials in the beginning ar too long, and the movie is a boy's movie. Bryce was interested but didn't seem to have his heart set on it. So, I made the executive decision to forgo the movie and go to Storyville since it's free, all of us could go, the kids love it, and my mom had never been. Well, it was GREAT. My mom was thrilled and Piper loved it too. Should have taken the camera, but such is life. Then we made a quick stop at Toys R Us so my mom could get some ideas for Bryce's birthday (um, besides the toothpaste dispenser he has his heart set on) and ended up buying the big kids a little treat to appease them for going into TRU - true torture for a kid. Then we went back to my mom's, had a quick lunch, and then swam in the pool for 3 hours. And when I say swam, they swam almost the entire time. Jumping, splashing, floating, etc. We left about 4:15 to get home in plenty of time to make dinner and catch up with Jason.

The kids clearly had a good time swimming because even though they went right to sleep on time last night, they were impossible to wake this morning. Exhausting swimming!! But we got back into our regular schedule today. So a busy summer weekend with just a few more summer weekends to go. Makes me sad to know how soon school starts. More on that later....

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