Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I decided to give Piper a little trim last night because her bangs were getting quite long and unruly. And when I washed her hair the last time, I noticed how long some of the pieces were down her neck. I wasn't about to pay for a teeny weeny trim, so I set out on my own. She sat very still on in her seat for her bangs, I think because she wasn't sure what was going on, but then she was wiggly while I trimmed up the rest. I had to actually let her out of her chair and walk around so then I chased her around with the scissors to get the rest. All the while, Caroline made sure to have the little plastic baggy ready to catch the hair because she wanted to make sure we had it for her baby book. (What a good sister, huh?) The older two were quite fascinated by all of this and it clearly excited them for some reason.

So here is the result - I think she looks so different for such a tiny bit of hair. Of course her hair is laying down too so that makes her look a little different as well. But do not tell me she looks old! She is a baby. She is NOT getting big. She is MY baby.


Anonymous said...

I like it!- Katie

Heather said...

So CUTE! She looks just like you Erika.

Erin said...

She looks adorable! :)