Thursday, August 13, 2009

Touch N Brush

Have you seen THIS product on TV yet? Well, my kids have and it has been one of the hottest topics of conversation at my house for the past month or so. As any good "As Seen on TV" product, the kids have been completely brainwashed into thinking that this item will change their lives! Caroline was all excited about it a few weeks ago and then just recently when we started asking Bryce what he wanted for his birthday, this is the ONLY thing he said he wanted. He tells everyone this is what he's getting for his birthday, so of course, I had to buy him one!

Usually those TV products end up in your local Walgreens or Target, but I guess the TNB is still too new because I did some searching and it is not being released for non-mail order sales until sometime in later September. I was hoping to not have to pay any shipping and handling, but given how much Bryce wants this, I really couldn't NOT get it for him. So I found a deal on where I got much cheaper shipping than on the authentic site and now we're just waiting for it to arrive. I even bought him a fresh tube of toothpaste that I know he likes to go with it. I can't wait to give it to him. I'm hoping it makes toothbrushing time go a little smoother since right now I have to keep herding him in there to get started.

The reviews of it are funny with lots of people saying it's actually helped to keep their sinks cleaner in their kid bathroom. Here's hoping but just the dispensing of the toothpaste isn't going to take away all mess potential. They can still drop their fully loaded toothbrush and they will still continue to spit and splatter all over the mirror and leave toothpaste remnants in the sink. Anyone want to invent something to stop that????

But rest assured, this is not Bryce's only birthday gift. I also ordered him a new pair of ORANGE Crocs and I've gotten him a small Lego Pirates set to go along with the bigger set my mom has gotten for him. I might get him a little something else but for the most part I'm done since we are going to be taking the family to the Aquarium that day as well and that's not exactly free although he is VERY excited to see the sharks and dolphins so I know it will be a great day for my little 4 year old. And I'll probably give him his presents from us that morning so he'll be sure to have clean teeth when we meet the sharks.

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