Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tooth Brusher

We're seeing more and more behaviors from Piper that show how much she wants to do everything her brother and sister are doing. She's clearly been paying very close attention this past year and now that she's so mobile and able to climb, she's trying very hard to mimic them.

First up, tooth brushing! When the big kids are standing on their stools at the bathroom sink brushing their teeth you can bet Piper is trying her hardest to squeeze in between them to get a place at the sink. And while she's not tall enough to really stand up to the sink, she is tall enough to peek over and see her new toothbrush. And then all you hear is "Dat! Dat!" until she has it in her hands. And then, she's as happy as a clam. Sometimes she'll try and stand there with them but most of the time she walks around chewing on it. I know she thinks she's a big girl doing that because she is just so happy the second that toothbrush touches her hand. The only problem, aside from worrying about her hurting herself, is that when you do eventually have to take it away, she gets VERY upset. Even though her siblings have been done brushing their teeth for a while, Piper has not yet finished. But she still gets over stuff like that fairly quickly and moves on to the next thing.

She also made me very proud last night when she finally did the sign for "milk." Since she's not saying any real words yet, we've been working with her on some basic hand signs, especially at the table since that seems to be where she gets the most frustrated. We're doing "milk," "more," "eat," and a few others. "Milk" is basically any cup so I'm not too picky so last night her cup was on the table where she could see it but not reach and she started yelling "Dat! Dat!" and pointing, so when I looked over, she was standing next to the table doing the "milk" sign. I was so excited!! We did a bunch of signs with Caroline (you do everything with your 1st!) but we never really got into it with Bryce since he was saying some basic words and it was just too hectic. But with Piper not saying any words yet, it seems like the best thing to do to encourage her.

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