Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This Will End When He Turns 4, Right?

The past few weeks have been tough with Mr. Bryce. We don't know what has changed but he has become so challenging. He seems to be louder than usual, more difficult than usual, and whinier than usual. And you add this extra chaos to our already loud house, and you have 2 parents who are at their wits end by bed time.

I don't know what it is. After the whole "clean" up the playroom incident on Sunday and then a HORRIBLE start to the morning which included Bryce climbing over the gate at the top of the steps and doing a face plant on the hallway carpet, I'm just done with him by 8am!

Yes he's gotten more expressive lately and his language and expressions have definitely improved, but with all this progress, he's also seemed incapable of controlling himself. I was almost happy to come home and hear that Bryce had a bad report from school and from my MIL. Clearly, whatever his problem was this morning was NOT me - he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

One of the hardest things we're dealing with though is how he clearly hears what you're saying but he pays no regard to the direction you're giving him. We sound like broken records around here. And then you wanna talk loud? The boy can scream and shriek so loud you think your head is going to explode (although Piper does give him quite a run for his money lately). He is just a loud kid in general, we know that. No amount of talking about quieter voices will quiet him down - he's a lot like my brother was, only 2 volumes - loud and louder!

I'm hoping the terrible 3's (the 2's are NOTHING compared to the 3's! - most BTDT moms will agree) will give way to the fantastic 4's. Of course, I know I'm living in complete denial to think that. And now that I really think back on it, I remember going through a completely exasperating time with Caroline as she approached her 4th birthday too. (I was newly pregnant with Piper and I have keen memories of feeling nauseous and being so frustrated with Caroline that I wanted shut her up in her room until she turned 18.)

Bryce can still be his sweet and endearing self when he wants to be but sometimes I'm so aggravated by his behavior at other times that I find it hard to focus on the child he's being at the moment rather than the one who was making ,me want to rip all my hair out just a little while before.


Anonymous said...

I've definitely seen a different Bryce recently. It's developmental and he's become more sure of himself...even if it is negative stuff. Hopefully he's just in "adjustment mode" but that too will take some time. I guess it's Hammer Time!

Anonymous said...

Again I feel like you are writing about Makenzie, who will be 4 in October! And I took get a little happy when she acts up for grandparents and friends since I had started to think itmight have been just being with me all day long!

Just take some comfort that you are not alone!

~ Viv

Katie said...

Emily is going through a similar phase. I am reading up on my strong-willed child literature. I am thoroughly exhausted from disciplining her all day long and the whining is like nails on a chalkboard. I can't handle it for more than five minutes if that. I just pray for patience and hope we get through this phase sooner rather than later. In fact last night she sassed so much that all of her toys were removed from her room...AGAIN. Ugh!!!! We need a happy hour.

Dawn said...

I didn't see this post before updating my FB status, but I could have written every word. Last night she lost all her books, and even now we just had a screaming fit during bath time. I may need to check out that strong willed child book Katie referenced!