Friday, August 07, 2009


Since we visited Storyville on Monday, Caroline has a new fascination with putting on puppet shows. I set her up a little make shift puppet stage in her room by using a sheet, her chair, clothes pins and some heavy banks on her desk to hold up the other side. That worked fine for one evening. Then, Piper came in the next day and pulled it down in true little sister fashion. Then, about five minutes later, the puppets got a little crazy and knocked it down and broke one of the piggy banks and spewed money all over the place.

Okay, so I get a D in engineering that day. So I told Caroline we'd have to rig up a safer and sturdier puppet theater soon. I told my mom about it and she is all excited because she and my dad have a bunch of big boxes right now because of the work they are doing in their basement. So I think there are plans in the works to make them a little puppet theater. Plus, some extra plans to make puppets together as a craft project.

I was surprised at how funny my kids thought my own personal rendition of the 3 Bears was, but then it's easy to forget how easily kids can be entertained sometimes. Just doing some silly physical gags is all it takes.

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