Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poor, Not Smart Bryce

Personally, I think Bryce is a pretty sharp kid. He's got a pretty interesting perspective on things and I think he's on the road to "smartville." But apparently, he doesn't think so, or he was trying to make me think he doesn't think so. (Smart, huh?)

Last night, he was giving us trouble at bedtime and when I heard him walking around upstairs I found him in Caroline's bed and they were doing some kindergarten flashcards together.

I told him that it was bedtime (he was exhausted from swimming!) and he needed to be in his bed. He started crying and whining as I walked him back to bed. As I'm walking away he yells, "Mommy, I NEED to be in there with Caroline. She's teaching me stuff. I'm not smart. I don't know anything. She is teaching me stuff. Pllllllllllllease let me go in there."

Of course, I got a laugh out of that, but I didn't let him go back in. They really will revert to some interesting tactics to avoid bedtime, won't they?

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