Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet the Fish

Caroline has been kind of lamenting the death of her old fish, Spikey, for a while now and when she was filling out a little online booklet the other day, I could sense that she was a little sad about not having a pet when it asked for the name of her pet. Especially when she put her dead fish's name as her pet. I figured, it was time to finally make good on my promise of getting her a new fish. I have a 10 gallon and 2 gallon tank in the basement from my fish days and thought I could just get the smaller one set up without problems. Well, that didn't quite work out because after setting it up, the water turned cloudy after running it and no fish were even in it!

So Caroline and I ventured to the pet store and I bought a new 2 gallon tank in preparation for getting their fish. She was so very excited, especially when I told her we could get 3 of them for the 3 kids in our family.

I was off on Thursday but had to run some errands in the morning, so I took the big kids to daycare/preschool (Caroline's last day!) and then picked them up at noon with the knowledge that we were going to get their fish. The new aquarium was all set up and ready for them, so the kids were a bit excited when we walked into the store.

I told them we were getting goldfish because I have a very lurid past with tropical fresh water fish and I'm just not ready to go back down that road again. So, they picked out some kind of fancy goldfish for themselves and I picked out this cute little goldfish hybrid for Piper. They were bouncing off the walls and I couldn't wait to get them home.

After the appropriate 15 minutes of setting the bag o' fish in the tank, we released the fish and the kids were thrilled to see them swimming in their new home. But the big news is their names. Caroline named hers "Stella," Bryce named his "Nick," and they wanted to name Piper's "Kelly" but I nixed that considering that we already have 2 Kellys in the family to keep straight and adding a Kelly the fish seemed a bit much. So Caroline settled on "Monkey" since Piper reminds her of a monkey. (That she does!)

They fed them and then went on their merry way. They get a little excited to feed them, but other than that, it's business as usual at our house. Personally, I thik the water looks a little cloudy again and I'm not sure if Monkey looks completely 100%. However, I must admit, I think I may have a touch of Fish Owner Munchausen syndrome. Back in my pre-kid days, I had a few tumultuous months with tropical fish. During my time with them, I owned every fish medicine and treatment that they sell. And yet, all my fish ended up dying. I have so many stories about my trials and tribulations of guppies and mollies. I got them all to reproduce like crazy, but I ended up killing them all. At the time we were still living on campus since I was a resident hall director and all my RAs thought it was hilarious and that I was crazy. I seriously was running to PetSmart at least once a week to buy something else for my "sick" fish. I was convinced I was killing them or maybe that they were sick and I needed to heal them. Fish vet, I was not!!!

We'll see how the 3 musketeers of the playroom fish tank do and how I manage to leave it alone as much as possible because I think with goldfish doing the minimum is all you need.

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