Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey Honey

This is what I walked into this morning at 6:45am after getting my shower and getting dressed:

I heard Piper fussing right before I got into the shower but knew she would be okay until I got out but while I was in the shower, I heard a thump which told me someone was in the crib with her. That's not such an unfamiliar occurrence at our house but this morning they were in the midst of some imaginary play since they had a blanket, a pillow and a few stuffed animal friends in with them.

Caroline and Bryce were the parents and Piper was just one of their children that they were taking care of. Apparently Knuffle Bunny baby was the whiny baby and Caroline told me that it was tough taking care of SO many babies, especially one that was whiny.

I got Piper changed and we all went downstairs. They were really into their game because they didn't even ask for breakfast or drinks, which is unusual. So while Piper sat with me and had some nibbles, the big kids continued their game. The funniest moment was when Bryce kept talking to Caroline and saying, "Hey, honey." or "Oh honey!" It really made me smile because Jason and I don't use that term of endearment so I'm not sure where he heard it. I especially liked when he said, "Hey honey, I gotta go to work. I'm gonna take the keys and drive the baby."

Caroline also told me that she was a mom that was staying home with her babies until they turned 1 and then she was going back to work. sigh I wish I'd been able to do that. Canada, anyone? She also told me that her husband needed to follow her around a lot because the baby was so whiny and she needed his help.

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