Monday, August 24, 2009

Dressy Sunday

And while Piper didn't swim yesterday, she did have a jolly time running around my parents' driveway and trying to run into the street. We can't believe how fast she is and what a little bugger she has turned into. She wants to do everything Caroline and Bryce do - she has no fear!

Notice the dress? I have some photos of Caroline AND Bryce in it (ha ha ha!) that I'll have to compare later for you. I think she looks just precious!

Then, we went back to our house to cook dinner because my mom's AC went out and it was too hot to start up the oven. So while we finished up the meal, Piper went in and showed us her skills. This is the toy that Bryce got for Christmas that is a little keyboard with a bunch of fun features on it including a microphone. Piper mostly just likes to turn it off and on, but yesterday she decided to show us she's been watching her siblings intently.

Her skills with the microphone are definitely unique. No problem hearing her....

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