Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bryce The Lover

I've always said that Bryce is my little lover boy. There is just something about him that is so completely lovable and sweet - so many people that meet my children always say something like, "You have wonderful children, but what is it about that Bryce???" (Not that I always like that people seem to have favorites when it comes to my children...) But he is quite endearing and as he gets older and better at expressing himself he has a way of saying things that could pretty much make even the meanest person almost tear up.

Anyway, yesterday the kids spent the day with my mom and had a bang up day. In the morning they made a puppet theater out of some boxes and then they made an airplane too. After lunch where they practically feasted, they went out to the pool and had a wonderful time swimming. By the time Jay and I got there after work, you could tell they'd had a very full day.

As my mom was making dinner she said that Bryce had said something earlier that just about melted her heart. They were eating pretzel "windows" and Bryce commented that my mom had a lot of windows in her house, especially in the sun room. My mom asked him if he liked her house, and he said, "Yeah, I like your house, but having you in your house makes it better." I think my mom just about cried hearing that.

Then later on, I was sitting on the deck with him and I told him what a nice thing that was to say to my mom and he said, "If I lived with Bertie, I would love her all the time!"

Seriously, this boy's got charm down to a science. Maybe he knows his birthday is coming up?

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Heather said...

There is a special kind of love for grandmas...