Friday, August 14, 2009

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Oh Miss Piper loves to brush her teeth. She whines at the bathroom door if it's closed because she wants to go in and nab her toothbrush. And if the door is open, she goes in, climbs up on the step stool and says "Dat" over and over while pointing to her toothbrush. I recently bought her some baby toothpaste that doesn't hurt to swallow and since then she's been in toothbrush heaven. She loves to just chew on it mostly but sometimes you'll see her mimicking how the big kids brush their teeth. Given that she only has 1 tooth on the top and 1 tooth on the bottom, she's usually not actually brushing the teeth she has though.

And boy does she get mad when you take that toothbrush away. She'd brush them all day if you let her. So here's a little video of her and her beloved toothbrush. You can see how excited she gets when she knows what's coming!

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