Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bangs or No Bangs?

Well, at 5 1/2, Caroline has made her first real choice about her hair. Up to this point, her hair has been pretty much my decision. I'm the one responsible for the cute little bob she's been sporting since her hair was long enough to grow into one. I think she looks precious with it like that but apparently, that's not the look she wants anymore. Caroline now wants to grow out her bangs. At this point, she's still going to keep it in a bob but a bob without bangs. She told me a few weeks ago that she didn't want bangs anymore and proceeded to always wear a headband or use barrettes to clip them back. So last night at our haircuts, Caroline told Ms. Pam that she didn't want her to trim her bangs, only the rest since she was letting them grow out.

I'm okay with it, I guess, considering I don't have any bangs myself and remember hating mine from time to time. Of course I didn't grow mine out for the first time until high school. Of course I could put my foot down and insist on the bangs but I'll pick my battles and hair really isn't one I think is worth fighting at this point. Plus, I remember that my mom always wanted me to have shorter hair as a kid and I cringe now looking back at photos and wish I'd grown it longer. (Which I didn't do until middle school when I overheard an older girl remarking that she didn't know if I was a girl or boy!) So I'll let her have her bangless hair and see how it goes. I impressed upon her before forgoing the bang trim that right now they were still manageable but soon enough they will be in the in between phase where she'll need to wear a hairband to see and she was okay with it. So we'll see how the great bang growout of 2009 goes. I'm sure she'll look cute but just in a more mature way.

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