Saturday, August 01, 2009


With all the internet buzz on THIS video, I thought the backlash video depicting the couple's divorce was pretty funny:

I liked seeing better dancers although the depiction of the bride's bad dancing was pretty good although it seems she's got a few more dancing skills than the real bride. (I found it pretty funny to hear that the original bride said she was a dancer and that was why she wanted to do it. I didn't know they offered dance classes in 80's bopping.)

My only real problem with it is that they have the "wife" portrayed by someone wearing a wedding gown - um, I'm guessing no woman would wear her wedding dress to her divorce proceedings.

Now I suppose there will be LOTS of couples who attempt this "novel" procession for their weddings. Hardly original now. But maybe they'll take a little more time to make sure that the bride's entrance isn't so anticlimactic.

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