Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Summer Weekend Update

We had a pretty busy weekend. In fact, now that it's Wednesday I'm kind of having a hard time remembering it all. Hmmm, let me think.

Friday night was the usual but because I was dead set on getting the grocery shopping done early on Saturday, I spent the usual 2 hours or so to do the menu planning and grocery list after the kids went to bed. Then, I indulged in 2 episodes of my new favorite TV show, Dexter. Mmmmmmm, a serial killer serial killer. I LOVE IT! Totally gory and dark - my kind of show. (Thanks to my SIL, Kelly, for instructing me to get caught up before season 4 starts at the end of September.) I really can't get enough....even though I'm all spooked after watching an episode!!

Then on Saturday, I got up bright and early (as usual for a Saturday) and took Bryce with me to the store. Caroline initially said she'd go with me but then told me no a little later. However, she has NO recollection of telling me no so I asked Bryce and then the tantrum started until we left. Fun. Over $200 lighter, Bryce and I returned to a much happier Caroline. Jason then exited to make an appearance at a bachelor party that started at 11am downtown. He wasn't partaking in the rest of the day's festivities (bar crawl, baseball game) but wanted to at least go to lunch since he's one of the groomsman next month. He was home by 2pm and we decided to take advantage of the hot day and go swimming at my mom's. We had dinner with my parents and then headed home knowing we'd be there all day the next day too.

A very hot Sunday morning broke and Jason headed out to mow the yard. Caroline and Bryce were instructed to clean up the playroom. It resulted in 2 different fights between the 2 of them before I finally decided to separate them and have them each clean up half. Caroline quickly picked up her half and was done in about 10 minutes. Thinking it would be the same for Bryce, I moved him back to the playroom and had him go to work. Ha! What works for one does NOT work for the other. 2 hours later, Jason finished mowing and the playroom was still not done. Bryce spent those 2 hours playing around, antagonizing Caroline and Piper, and mostly whining. Let me tell you, this was probably the highest frustration level I've ever had with him. After Jason showered, he came back down and sat while Bryce picked up under his watchful eye. I was glad to be going to my mom's for the day where there would be other kids so I would get a little break from Mr. Bryce.

The rest of day was great - very hot pool weather and lots of time to spend with the extended M family. Caroline had Zoe to play with and Bryce had Taki - perfect! They swam, played, and got into their own brands of mischief. It was so nice to just sit and talk to other grown ups! By the time 7pm rolled around, we couldn't believe the day was gone! It's so nice that the kids are now old enough to entertain themselves and let the grown ups relax just a little - of course Ms. Piper is still in the world of babies, so I'm not in the clear yet.

And then, thanks again to the power of swimming, all 3 kids passed out within seconds of their heads hitting the pillow that night. They were even still tired on Monday when my mom watched them because she said they just seemed "zapped" all day. They even all took NAPS! I told my mom I think her pool has the opposite effect that the pool water did in that movie, Cocoon, did. Instead of it invigorating them, it drains them. Which really isn't such a bad thing now, is it?

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Anonymous said...

As I look at this picture of the 4 of these kids, I see Bryce doing his own thing while the other 3 are more conforming. I think this picture captures his current frame of mind - "independent and oppositioinal" :-) This too shall pass!