Saturday, July 04, 2009

"You're still my favorite girl"

Last night on our souvenir run, Caroline came out a winner. We stopped at one of the many beach goods places and let the kids pick something out to remember the trip. Bryce finally settled on a toy car with a surfboard on top and Caroline found her holy grail - a sleeping cat in a cat bed. The reason I said it was her holy grail is because two years ago we saw the same cat in another store in the OBX and it was too expensive for a beach souvenir. Well, I looked at the price and saw $20 and still wasn't so sure but also thought that since she had been wanting it for 2 years it might be worth it. I asked a salesperson and was happy to hear it was only $10! Caroline was beyond excited to finally be getting this kitty! (Apparently it also "breathes" if you put batteries in it but she has NO interest.)

So we get back to the beach house and she shows everyone her prize and introduces her as Daffodil. Then after all the introductions were done she went on her merry way. But first she went up to the crows nest sitting area where her other stuffed friends were. My uncle was sitting there too but Caroline must not have seen him b/c she picked up Mella (her WebKinz cat) and quietly said, "Don't worry, Mella, you're still my favorite girl."

Well when my uncle shared this story we all giggled and ooooed at the cuteness of it. I just love it and think it just totally shows Caroline's big heart. My sweetheart is just so sensitive and caring.

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Lisa :-) said...

That is a cute story. They always have that "special" stuffed animal that they hold near and dear to their hearts!

Katie said...

Aw Caroline!