Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, Piper continues to do things her older siblings never did. Miss Piper has a sudden fascination with toilets and toilet paper - so much so that we've got a new rule at our house about keeping bathrooms closed all the time. Caroline and Bryce never bothered with either!

Last night, I took Bryce out for a haircut and in the few seconds Jason turned his back, Piper went into the powder room, opened the toilet and threw a play cell phone into it. While Jason was fishing out the phone and wiping it off, Piper started playing in the toilet water. And the he turned to get a towel and then she was back in it again. She's already pulled quite a bit of toilet paper off of a few rolls already too. (Just hoping she doesn't figure out the old "toilet paper in the toilet" trick where you put just the end in and then flush it and the roll just goes and goes - apparently I did that as a wee one.)

Tonight I have to see if I can salvage the broken Cars cell phone because it really was one of Bryce and Caroline's favorite toys for some reason. Although my hopes are considerably low.

Obviously it's more than just annoying, it's a safety hazard. (Although Caroline can't understand how Piper could drown in a toilet.) And if it wasn't for Bryce's love of waiting until the absolute last second to go to the bathroom, I'd probably go out and buy those baby toilet "locks." But all that would do would be to make Bryce pee his pants all the time, so I won't be going down that road.


Katie said...

Lucy went through a toilet water phase. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

And Pipes is probably squealing with delight while all of this is going on...even the verbal reprimands :-)