Thursday, July 30, 2009

Piper the Rascal

I'm telling you, Miss Piper is a rascal. Pure rascal. She's always up to no good it seems and if you catch her she squeals and laughs at you. When she's done eating, she starts throwing her food on the floor. We take it away and she cries. She's constantly pointing and saying "Dat! Dat" but we're not sure what she wants. We're working with her to always say what it is we're giving her and doing a few hand signs too. I've told Caroline and Bryce that they need to help too since it would be easy for the youngest just to point and get what they want.

She's also singing now too - I have to get a video. Basically if you just sing "Aye yie yie" she will start too. And it's really funny when she walks into a room where Caroline and Bryce are doing their singing/dancing thing and she just joins right in. It's amazing how 3 kids can up the noise level. She likes to play the guitar, maracas, kazoo and tamborine. You can tell she's been watching them these past 13 months!!

We have to keep the gate up at the bottom of the steps because climbing them is her favorite thing to do. And the other day she actually figured out how to start climbing the gate much to my MIL's surprise!

And when I get home from work in the evening, I usually pick her up right away but after that, I CANNOT put her down without her completely crumbling. I understand she missed me and wants more mommy time, but I can't even change my clothes quickly without her throwing a complete fit.

Last night, I got home and Jason went up to change. I wanted to get dinner started and because Piper was already doing her crying if mommy puts me down thing, I put her on my back in the Ergo, while Bryce was riding Piper's "bike" around at my feet while singing, and Caroline was asking me to spell a bunch of different words. All the while, I had 3 things going on the stove. Piper wasn't thrilled about being on my back and was doing quite a bit of yelling so you can understand why I yelled at Jason for continuing to pop bubble wrap and for causing my sensory system to be in complete overdrive. Ack!

The crying baby at your feet thing is no fun either. They are completely pitiful and you try to pick them up and go about your business but you quickly figure out you can't do as much as you need to do with only one real hand free - no matter how much practice you get. I love Miss Piper to pieces but my goodness, some days, she really will wear you out. But, like Olivia's mom says, I love you anyways.

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