Thursday, July 16, 2009

Piper at a Year

So I'm finally getting around to this...ah yes, Miss Piper Chloe. What a sweetheart you are! At one year old, you are walking very well, climbing a little too well, and are generally a very happy and adventurous little girl.

When we go out on the deck and you see the big kids on the swing set, you get SO excited because you know that's where you're going to. You like to swing, but oh man, you LOVE to slide. We can't put you up there enough - you just want to do it over and over. You have NO fear. And if we don't put you back up at the top, you try to climb it.

You are a very good eater already and are eating most everything we eat - you're a better eater than Caroline and Bryce and sometimes for dinner you eat more than they do combined. Although I'm not holding my breath that you will be my good eater because I thought the same thing about Bryce and he's Mr. Picky lately although he does eat a better variety than Caroline does.

Your eyes are definitely almost brown. What started out a bluish and changed into a sort of hazelish color, are now pretty much almost brown. I guess Nana was right in her prediction that we'd have a brown eyed girl for baby #3. I just had no idea you would be my little clone. Your hair has lightened up considerably too thanks to sunshine and genetics. It's still what I would call a very light brown but it has some blond streaks in it thanks to a week at the beach.

You're not really talking yet but you do a lot of shrieking and a lot of "uh-ma" to get my attention. You've got the cutest little wave now that you stopped just pumping your arm and you really move those cute little fingers. We have to watch you when you're just toddling around because you're either climbing things or putting them in your mouth, so you really keep us on the run.

You're still a little weary of strange men although you aren't too sure about some male relatives either. You've finally warmed up to Uncle Kevin and still have some tense moments with Big Dad from time to time. Although you really seem to love your Uncle Jer and you've never been scared of him. But you are very friendly with all your female relatives and will cozy up to mommy's friends too as seen by your willingness to hang out with Ms. Katie and Ms. Binnie at your party.

You've already figured out what you're supposed to do with a phone and you walk around with one of our various play cell phones and hold it up to your ear and babble into it. Jay and I aren't big phone people so it's funny that you've already picked that up. How long before you ask for your first cell phone?

You're going to bed around 7 or 7:30 every night and you're up between 6 and 7am. I'm still nursing you upon wake up and at bedtime and that's really the only time that you will sit and cuddle with me now. While you want me to hold you as soon as I walk in the door from work, it's only that you want me to hold you while I walk around. As soon as I sit still, you want down. I think you enjoy the view.

Finally, you love your brother and sister very much. You like to follow them around and watch what they are doing. You're enjoying that they try to involve you in their play more often now. Although sometimes they can be a little rough and hug you too hard and long and usually elicits some screaming from you. Caroline likes to pick you up and move you now and mostly you think it's funny but not when she takes you away from something you want to be doing.

You are such a sweet little girl and I will be so interested to see how your 2nd year plays out. I'm sure we'll see even more how different you are from your older siblings, but also how much you are alike as well. I think you already have the same spirit that they have and I know that once you can do more with them the 3 of you are going to be trouble, but in a good way.

I love you, Piper!

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Heather said...

That was very beautiful to read! Nice summary Mommy!