Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More on the Drama

So I alluded to Caroline's sudden increase in teenage drama queen behavior at our house in a recent post. I love the girl to death but lately, I'm not always liking her so much. Her attitude, eye rolling, huffing, door slamming, and general disdain for her parents is a bit much for this mother of a 5 year old to take. I truly believe a lot of it has to do with a girl in her class who apparently acts a lot like this too. One day Caroline says she doesn't like her and the next day, she is her best friend. I know there's some copying going on because one day last week Caroline was using the word (is it a word?) "ain't." Ugh, I HATE that word. I pride myself on using correct and semi-intelligent sounding grammar and there is no room for "ain't" in my language or my children's.

When I asked her where she'd heard it, she told me it was this girl at school and it made me realize how many things that Caroline is likely copying from this girl. Thank goodness she only has a few weeks left with this girl although I'm sure there will be more in her future.

Sunday and Monday were particularly trying days in the life of our mini-teen and I was really at my wits end come yesterday morning when she gave me a dagger look when I told her she couldn't wear just her ballet leotard to school. However, the rest of the day must have been okay and when I got home she was very pleasant. Each time she did something I was happy with (asking for something nicely, asking to be excused from the table, eating her dinner without complaining) I commended her for it in attempts to give her positive reinforcement for good behavior. I know every day won't be a good one but my hopes are that good behavior can reign with a little more reinforcement on our part.

I've already let her know that the eye rolling, huffing, etc are extremely disrespectful behaviors in our house and that we won't stand for them. I'm definitely not one of those parent that think a 5 year old "teenager" is funny or cute. She might hate me for it now but I know she'll see the light some day. I know I still appreciate my parents never letting us treat them with anything but respect and I hope my kids will too.


Bracken said...

we have started a sticker chart for positive reinforcement for Sydney because we are having similar issues. I hope for both of our sacks that positive reinforcement can win out in this venture :>

Katie said...

Parenting mini-teens is so hard. I think it means they are smart and independent, which is a good thing, but trying to harness the power for good instead of sassing is the toughest parenting challenge I have faced. Good luck with Miss C.