Sunday, July 05, 2009

More Allergies?

The night before vacation we pretty much confirmed that Bryce has an allergy to raw carrots. Raw carrots have never been his favorite, but from time to time he'll grab one and has never had any problems. A few weeks ago, his teacher called me and asked if Bryce was allergic to carrots. I told her he wasn't and she said that he had a few red splotches on his face after eating some. I chalked it up to a random reaction and didn't think anything of it. He's had similar things happen when eating something acidic (like a tomato) in the past and the allergist said that it's fairly normal.

Well, flash back to the night before vacation and Bryce spied a bag of leftover baby carrots from Caroline's lunch laying on the table. He picked one up and started munching and in a few minutes we looked at him and he had hives all over his chin and cheeks. Ack!!! We washed him off and he said he felt okay but then he started complaining about how much his forehead itched and sure enough, the hives had spread all the way up to his forehead! I remembered that phone call a few weeks prior and realized that he must be starting an allergy to them. Man!!!!

And you may ask, why just RAW carrots? Well, the proteins that the body reacts to in raw fruits and veggies are altered when cooked so cooked versions of the same fruits/veggies someone is allergic too are quite often okay. This was all pretty intersting too because just a few days before that, Jason determined that he's allergic to cherries and peaches. We did some research and found that it's actually quite common to be allergic to those types of fruits since the proteins are so closely related to the tree pollen proteins that Jason is already allergic to. (Tree pollen and tree fruits go hand in hand!) So it's VERY odd to me that it seems Bryce is allergic to a root vegetable that has no relation to his worst allergies which are tree pollens.

Although I was reminded by my SIL over vacation that her mom is allergic to raw carrots and celery and no other foods, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. But, this morning I was eating a white nectarine on my ceral and Bryce had some nibbles and he got all red around his mouth but not like he did with the carrot, however, maybe this was just the "first" reaction?

Needless to say, I need to call the allergist tomorrow and make an appointment. I have a feeling we'll be doing a wider skin test now since the initial skin test only tests for less than 12 food allergens. Poor Bryce! I hope this isn't spreading to more foods. And here we were thinking we were nearing the food allergy finish line after his peanut allergy disipated and his egg allergy seems to be going the same direction. It figures too since he is my kid who likes fresh fruit and veggies - if this was Caroline, she probably wouldn't even care since she hardly touches any fresh fruits/veggies.

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