Sunday, July 05, 2009

Home on the 4th

We made it home around 3:15 yesterday and immediately started figuring out how the rest of the evening and weekend would go. I really wanted to take the kids to see fireworks but given how much I hate dealing with annoying traffic crowds just for fireworks, I was trying to figure out an out of the way place to see them. My mom and shot a few ideas around but figured out looking at maps we wouldn't be able to see much. So we decided to try an experiment and venture down to the riverfront in my neighborhood to see what we could see - not expecting a whole lot.

We were delightfully surprised. While we didn't have an overhead fireworks show that you get when you go to a "real" show, we had the best of both worlds. Where we were sitting on the bank of the river that runs near our community, we could see for miles up and down the opposite bank. So basically we got to watch at least 5 other "real" fireworks displays along with countless other "private" (illegal?) displays along the river.

As we were sitting there, someone who lives in one of the waterfront homes launched a few fireworks off of their pier that were pretty darn good and gave the kids the "over head" experience. Caroline freaked a little bit with those but we continued to assure her that we were fine and they could NOT hurt us. I think that a lot of people launch fireworks in the river areas because it's so much safer than anywhere else with lots of open space and no threat of fire.

We even were able to see a decent portion of Baltimore City's fireworks display from our vantage point. My parents and I could have sat out there for a long time but by 9:45, the kids were getting restless.

While we were there, some neighbors who were having QUITE a 4th party strolled down with all their guests to see the displays and it seemed everyone was enamored with the location. I know that I plan on watching fireworks from there from now on since it involves little travel, no traffic, and a variety of displays to watch. Plus, sitting on the water, no matter what water, is always a little nicer in the summer.

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Heather said...

Home already? That vacation flew by...glad you found a great location for fireworks!