Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hi, My Name is Aunt Kelly

The kids had a great time at the beach last week and one of the things they loved most was that they got to live in the same house with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kevin. Well, let's be honest here, they love their Uncle Kevin but they L.O.V.E. their Aunt Kelly, so much so that I worry that they bug the crap out of her. When they come over to my mom's, poor AK gets sucked into all their games and imagination play. She always plays along with them and I know that's one of the reasons they love her so.

While at the beach, the kids didn't take too kindly to the fact that AK and UK stayed up pretty late and then slept in "late." Late to my kids is 8am, so 9:30 or so was tortuous to say the least. They would keep asking me when it was okay to go down and wake them up and I always made them wait until at least 9am, but unbeknown to me they had been going down there already and trying to get into the room which my smart brother had preemptively locked. However, that didn't stop them from jiggling the handle and being pretty loud. (Sorry guys!)

Caroline is so enamored with AK that she even overcame her fear of the beach to go down and be there with her. Once I told her AK was at the beach she changed her mind about "never going to the beach again!" Then on the last day, the kids were all set to spend the day with AK and UK on the beach and were very sad that AK was not feeling well at all. They worried about her alllll day and it was all they talked about when we went out to dinner that night.

And since we've been home from the beach, all I keep hearing is, "When are we going to see AK again?" And my answer of "Saturday" isn't good enough so Caroline now wants to pretend that I am AK. I keep asking her what she loves so much about AK and she can't come up with any tangible answers. (Not that I need one, Kelly, I'm just trying to channel you!) I've asked her what things AK does that she likes and she can't tell me either. Although she did tell me this morning that I'm supposed to sing a lot - I don't think I can sing like AK. She also had me print out some photos of AK last night from AK/UK's wedding and a photo of AK at the beach. She currently has them in a little photo album by her bed so she can see AK all the time.

So basically the only thing I'm doing differently at this point is I keep referring to the kids as Niece Caroline and Nephew Bryce and I keep telling them that they are the best niece and nephew in the world.

Tonight she told me that looking at AK's photo makes her sad because it reminds her of how much she misses her. I suggested closing the photo book and she said no, then she'd miss her more. So now we are on the countdown to Saturday and seeing AK again. I have been given strict instructions that we are to PLAN our next visit with AK/UK when we see them as well.

Poor AK, I hope she has a moment to relax on Saturday although there will be other kids there so I am hopeful they won't monopolize her completely.

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Dawn said...

That is so sweet! I think it's adorable that your kids love their Aunt Kelly so much... I'll bet she is so flattered!