Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cleaning Up Blues.....

UGH!!! I am so tired of the kids going ballistic when Jason and I tell them to clean up the playroom or their room. This past Friday night, I arrived home from Piper's checkup to two screaming kids. The reason? Jason had insisted they clean up the playroom. They screamed, they cried, they bargained, they whined, they tried to talk their way out of it.... I was hungry so Jason made dinner while I supervised them NOT cleaning up and then Piper, Jay and I ate. I told the two non-cleaners that they weren't getting any dinner until they finished cleaning. (Not that they really cared since they hate everything we have these days!) So while we were eating, they started playing some game with a ball and kept telling us they were cleaning up. They even turned on some music on the radio and our hopes were higher. Well, they did nothing. In fact they even broke a table in the process.

Once Jay and I were done eating and cleaning up, they started telling us they were hungry and wanted to eat and I insisted that they could have water until they cleaned up. Again, more attempts at bargaining and asking for help with constant whining and crying. Why they think we should help them is beyond me! Finally, I don't know what did it, but they started cleaning up and within FIVE MINUTES it was cleaned up. All of a sudden, tears dried up and they were ready to eat. We told them what a nice job they had done and tried to get them to realize how quickly it went when they actually did it instead of walking around in circles whining about having to do it. We kept threatening to put all of their toys that were on the floor in a bag and take them away but that was met with mixed emotions. When we did that once before, they were upset about it for about 5 minutes and then they realized that they got us to clean up for them. Plus, they didn't really even care since the odds and ends that were taken away didn't even matter to them. So total time from start to finish of the Friday night playroom saga: almost 2 hours! Total time to actually clean up the playroom: 5-10 minutes. Grrrr.

Then tonight, both kids had messy rooms and we told each of them they had to clean up. Caroline balked at first and then by the time I got Piper to bed, she was almost done and had done a really good job. Bryce, on the other hand, was headed down a one way street to tantrum-ville. It was bad. I got Caroline in the tub and while she got clean, I finished cleaning the rest of the bathroom while listening to Bryce go apesh*t in his room. Seriously, if you saw the "mess" in his room you would have laughed. It was NOTHING compared to Caroline's - total cleanup time might have been just over a minute. But he refused. Started saying he was going to barf (never did). It just went on and on. I tapped Jason out and took over and Bryce clearly was losing steam but was still refusing to pickup. Finally, I told him I'd "help" him and started by throwing one toy into the basket and then coaching him through picking up the first few items and then he did the rest on his own. Total tantrum lasted about an hour. Man. This has got to stop.

As they get older they will clearly have more chores/tasks to do than this so I'm already getting worried. They get upset having to pick up a few of Piper's toys from time to time but of course the argument that Jason and I do a lot of things for them never seems to matter. We'll just keep pressing on. Although I will say I wasn't in the mood for another playroom cleanup debacle tonight and I am currently looking at a playroom in disarray but that can be dealt with tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Well...I will not clean up their playroom anymore.. I promise. Sounds like playroom clean-up needs to be a daily task for them no matter how little or great the mess. They sure can be turkeys..I know. A SuperNanny approach may be needed :-)