Friday, July 10, 2009

Brycey Was His Name-O

The first word Caroline and Bryce have been able to spell has been their first name. To teach Caroline, I figured out you could spell it to the song "John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt" and after a brief tutorial on it, she was spelling Caroline in just a few minutes which is no small feat considering her name is on the longer side.

This evening, I did the same thing with Bryce but I used the song "Bingo." He sang it a few times and I thought that was it and we'd have to keep working on it. You can imagine my happiness to have just put him to bed and to hear "B-R-Y-C-E and Brycey was his name-o!" He's up there now and I keep hearing "B-R-Y-C-E! B-R-Y-C-E!" He's really quite proud of himself. Just a minute ago he yells out, "I have a short name!" Which, is right considering we all have 5 letter first names in our family except for Miss Caroline.

Next we'll have to tackle the "Elizabeth" in Caroline's name. I know I didn't learn how to spell my middle name (Stephanie) for what seemed like a long time. At least she's got our last name down pat and it's not too long - at least with a longish first and last name, she doesn't have a long last name to spell too.


Heather said...

Teach them their address & their phone number!!! Very important!

Erika said...

Caroline knows her's well along with every other kid in the class since they practice them often. (She likes to recite where they live!) Bryce will be next...