Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Walking vs. Teeth

The big question around our house these days is whether Piper will start walking first or get her first tooth first. She took her first step over a week ago and took 3-4 little steps on Saturday, but hasn't done much since, so you really can't call it "walking." And her gums are RIPE and Caroline and I are pretty sure the corner of one of the bottom ones is very close to emerging.

Piper also climbed her first step on Sunday while no one was watching. She's quite the little mischief maker. She's into EVERYTHING. I know both big kids were into stuff at some point, but I do not remember it to this degree. Piper is constantly pulling everything out in the kitchen and has her hands in every trashcan she spots. The other day she actually fell headfirst into the toy box. Jason caught her pulling out an entire sheet of aluminum foil this weekend. We have cabinet locks on the really dangerous ones, but we don't have any on the drawers because Jay attempted some with Caroline's babyhood and they started to split the wood so we abandoned that because we didn't want our nice wood cabinets completely ruined. So we keep the best eye on her as possible. And thankfully her brother and sister help out too yelling lots of "NO PIPER! which will probably scar her for life.

She's really showing no fear for most things which is a little worrisome but being that she's my 3rd I don't stress out about things as much. Plus, she's fairly careful in how she moves around unlike Bryce who has always been pretty willy nilly - hence the busted head and broken arm he's already sustained.

Piper is just proving she's her own girl. Teething the latest, crawling and walking the earliest, and just being a robust little baby. I'm sure she'll have her own unique toddlerhood as well.

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