Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up to No Good

Here is Miss Piper "up" to no good. She goes straight for these chairs in the playroom now so we really have to watch her. She's actually trying to climb everything because when she stands next to something you automatically see her trying to get her little knee up on top of it. The bathtub, even. Of course as you can see in this video she can't get down but she's pretty proud of herself once she's up there. She also likes letting go to give her mother a heart attack. Silly Piper, doesn't she know she's still my baby???


Bracken said...

so cute! She sure is adventurous.

Anonymous said...

words aren't adequate to describe how cute she is!

Katie said...

I love her name more and more! So cute and suits her. She is really getting so big and daring!

Anonymous said...

I have to watch this video at least twice a day! She is so cute and I love the way she kind of feels out the space with her foot!