Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, finally! Piper popped her first tooth yesterday. Whew, we've been thinking that it was coming for weeks (well, months to be honest) now! Of course, in true almost 1 year old fashion, she makes it very hard to see that little toothlet as it starts to become more prominent. The best way to get a look is to either make her laugh or to let her cry. Neither is very hard to do as she tends to be a bit of a spigot head lately (on and off tears/laughing - on and off, on and off!).

She's also stopped her recent cute hugging and kissing and mostly just wants to wave at you. But this morning while my mom was holding her I said, "Who's Piper?" And she raised her hand over her head - it was pretty cute, I will just have to tell you.

Her new way to express her excitement via panting. Piper the puppy, is what she should be called. She really gets into it when she wants to show you how happy she is. Bryce and Caroline like to get her going.

She's also remembering that she knows how to walk. After seeming to be getting pretty good at it last week, she completely stopped but this morning I caught her testing out her walking legs again with Caroline. She's also mastered climbing steps which is frightening because she can get up them faster than I'd like. And of course, she thinks it's HILARIOUS.

But such is life with an almost (sigh) 1 year old. And we all love her to pieces.

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