Thursday, June 25, 2009


This morning I had to train a new faculty program director for one of our graduate programs and I was delighted to enter her office and find the walls COVERED with photos of her 3 young children! She's the first person here at work that I know who also works and has 3 little kids. Although her kids a little more spaced out than mine and she's a couple years older, but otherwise, we have a lot in common. It was so nice to talk to someone who wrangles with the same issues that I do and to hear that it was also a VERY tough winter for her with illnesses. It was fun swapping stories with her about our youngest and to find out that how much more relaxed we really are with our 3rd.

It's rare around a university to find faculty with younger kids, let alone 3, but it was really great to make a connection and to not feel so alone. I know when people come into my office and see the photos on my desk and on my bulletin board they always wonder how I do it, but my answer is usually the same, "We just do it and it's normal for us. Busy but sweet."

Glad to know I'm not as alone as I thought. Although I still look too young to have 3 kids according to most people. But I think all these new gray hairs I keep finding (and pulling out) might help.

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Bracken said...

You do look great!

That is always great to find someone who knows what you are experiencing. Glad you me up with the faculty member.