Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Role Reversal

So I thought Sunday was a good day for Caroline on the beach. I guess I was wrong. She has now decided that she "never wants to go on the beach again in her whole life." Ugh. And why? Well, she has a few reasons:

1. She doesn't want to get "muddy" again. The sand bugged her.
2. She doesn't want to get salt water in her mouth. Bryce splashed her with some bucket water.
3. She is wigged out since she had the incident of almost losing a bucket in the surf.

And with Caroline when she has anxiety about something, it's VERY hard to overcome.

However, Bryce, has done a complete 180. In fact, this morning, he came up with his bathing suit on, towel around his shoulders, and carrying his beach bag announcing he was going to the beach! I convinced him to come with me and the rest of the grownups yesterday afternoon and we had a blast. It was so nice to be able to focus all of my attention on one child. I took him down to the surf and he held my hand tightly at first. Then I started chasing him around and he loosened up. Then the ocean created a little "pool" for him and he was in heaven. We ran around, splashed, and played in the low waves for a few hours. He was exhausted and happy when we came back.

Now this kind of makes more sense with Bryce being in love with the beach and Caroline being the cautious one. I'm kind of sad that she doesn't want to go up to the beach though. It's good that I got some photos of her on Sunday because that might be it.

It's super hot and sunny today so we'll be sunscreening up Miss Piper in a bit and heading out. Jay and I have a date planned later so I'm looking forward to that. I just hope I can convince Caroline to try and overcome her sudden beach fear soon. Going to the beach without actually going to the beach is just a little sad for me.

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Lisa :-) said...

Now, I understand why Caroline didn't want to go to the beach. I haven't been on here to read your posts. I am glad to see that you all enjoyed your vacation. It always ends way too soon. This picture of Bryce lying in the sand is priceless. ADORABLE!