Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Shirt Fell Off!

Last night when I went to bed, I went in to do my pre-bed fever check and found Bryce asleep without a shirt on. I figured that since Jason had been the last to say good night that maybe because we didn't have the AC on and it was warm, that Jay suggested he take it off. So I asked Jason before bed and he said that he hadn't taken it off him. I thought that was pretty funny in itself since Bryce still usually has trouble getting his shirt off by himself and often will need a little help from one of us to get undressed from the waist up.

Then, around 2:00am last night we hear, "DADDY!!! MY SHIRT FELL OFF! DADDY!!!"

So, Jason got right up, went in and through his exhaustion, managed to get it back on him after a few tries. Bryce went back to sleep until about an hour later when Caroline came in because of the threatening thunderstorm so we quickly closed up the house and found that both Caroline and Bryce had fresh fevers. I medicated and let Caroline stay in our bed until the storm passed (more on that later).

This morning Jason came in to finish getting ready for work at around 6am and just started laughing. He kept saying, "My shirt fell off!! My shirt fell off!" and laughing pretty hard for 6am.

When I went in to check on Bryce around 6:30am, he was laying there looking kind of dazed and the first thing he asked me was how his shirt came off. I told him that we didn't do it and he must have done it in a dream (he's a sleep talker/laugher, so sleep undressing might be a possibility). He said, "No, it just fell off." Very matter of factly.

So that's been the running joke of the day at my house - don't let your shirt fall off!

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