Saturday, June 06, 2009

Like Father, Like Children

The longer I'm Caroline and Bryce's mom, the more I'm finding how much they are like their father. Caroline reminds me a lot of my sister and me but she definitely favors her father in more ways than I realize. And Bryce? Well, I think he's a combination of my brother, his Uncle Jer, and his dad. Usually it takes Jason piping in when I am frustrated by something one of them is doing and telling me that he was like that as a kid.

1. Constant movement - While Caroline is capable of sitting still to watch a show on TV or play a game, at other times she just can't sit still. Mealtime is hard b/c she just does not want to sit very long in her chair. Last night she got up mid-meal just to go in the family room and look at something. When I lamented about how much this drives me crazy, Jason said he remembers very well not being able to sit still. Apparently his grandfather always used to ask him if he had "ants in his pants." And Jason is still a lot like this - he has to be doing something most times and be productive. Bryce is probably even MORE like this than Caroline as he doesn't even like to sit still to watch a show. We find him standing on his head most times and when he's on my lap (A LOT!) he's usually hanging off in some strange monkey-like way.

2. Anxiety - I don't notice this as much in Bryce, but Caroline definitely seems to have some of the slight anxiety issues Jason remembers having as a kid. Jason didn't like birthday parties at all as a kid and while Caroline has had some good experience, there have been a few parties where she had no interest in participating in what the group was doing. She also has anxiety about the things she knows are coming but doesn't quite understand like the hearing/vision screening or kindergarten round up.

3. Touching everything - This one drives me nuts although I do remember my dad yelling at me as a kid for putting my feet on things for no apparent reason. But aside from the kids doing that, they also cannot keep their hands/feet off of one another. Jason said he remembers very well (and his mom too!) that he could NOT keep his hands and feet off of his siblings. He was constantly bothering the heck out of his two younger siblings for no reason. He was tripping them, smacking them, and just doing things to make them nuts. As I write this, Caroline was just reprimanded for not leaving Piper alone. She cannot keep her hands off her and now Bryce has started doing it too. The poor kid is constantly being manhandled by her older siblings. And I can't tell you how many fights we've broken up between Bryce and Caroline because they are touching each other. I know this is a common issue between siblings, but I don't remember it to this degree with my own siblings.

So now we see how much of Jason we see in Piper. She certainly doesn't take after his side of the family looks-wise so maybe we'll see more of his genetics in her behavior.....or not.

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