Friday, June 05, 2009

Illness Updates

A few illness updates....

- All 3 kids are back to their normal routine today. Caroline seems 100% but Bryce and Piper are not. Bryce has a horrid cough and you can tell just doesn't feel great. Piper also has a bad cough and a runny nose. But no fevers....

- Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from Caroline and Bryce's school to let me know that several kids have come down with strep. So my non-worries about the kids having a random virus went right to the potential of strep. Since Bryce was the most symptomatic, I took him to Minute Clinic for a check. Aside from being totally annoyed by the NP who insisted Bryce's problems were b/c of allergies (after I TOLD her he is on meds and is being treated by the allergist who knows what he's doing - she was a bit of a know-it-all), she did a rapid strep test and it was negative. Therefore, I was pretty sure that all 3 kids were not infected with the dreaded strep.

- My mom called me at work this morning and asked if she thought maybe Bryce has the swine flu. Apparently one of the doctors she works with is unable to see patients today because his daughter officially has the swine flu. He was telling my mom the symptoms and it sounds a heck of a lot like what Bryce has down to the leg aches. I guess based on the fact that the swine flu has died down in hysteria because it's only making people sick and not deathly ill, I'm not exactly worried. I'm a bit shocked the know-it-all nurse last night didn't even suggest it since she was so adamant about Bryce coughing into a tissue the entire time we were there. So yeah, maybe they do have the swine flu. Who knows? But they all seem to be on the mend so I'll take it day by day.

- I have a follow up with the ENT on Monday for my ear. It's still not totally better. The pain is completely gone and I can mostly hear out of it now, but it still is 'crackly' and the hearing is somewhat compromised still. The NP said that it could take weeks for it to get back to normal. i still can't believe how terrible of an infection this was. I know they'll do another hearing test on Monday so I'll be intersted in the verdict. Thankfully it's near the end of the day so my ear will be at it's clearest as it's still stuffy in the mornings when I wake up. But I've noticed when I put the phone to my left ear, it still sounds a little off.


Erin said...

I actually thought the same thing when Ben had that six-day fever... (swine flu). He also developed a NASTY cough that went with it. He did eventually kick it w/out the help of any meds... but yeah, I have been suspicious about what it was because it lasted SO long and seemed SO severe... Ben rarely gets sick and stays sick for THAT long. Then again, S never came down with anything other than a quick one-day fever and T &I didn't get anything at all. So? (shrug)

Thinking about making your homemade bagels today! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

Erika said...

That's a good rainy day activity. Bryce told me when we were making the bagels that he wanted one to be triangle. Didn't exactly stay that way.

Hope you like them - I thought they were tasty (so did Jay) and they weren't hard, just time consuming. I would definitely make them again.