Monday, June 22, 2009

I Warned Him

While I was putting Piper to bed, Jason decided to read to the kids while they waited for me so we could all do bath time together. When I came out of Piper's room, Bryce was just getting into the tub and Jason looked kind of funny. He was laughing but he looked like maybe he'd been crying or something. Well, apparently, Caroline pulled the "read me Love You Forever" scheme and since Jason had never read it and seriously thought there was NO way a book could be THAT sad he agreed. (I have a strict WILL NOT READ policy with that book.)

Anyway, Jason said that the first few pages he was laughing about it and thought it was funny the mom going to her son's house to hold him. I guess Caroline knew what was coming and she got up and started dancing around the room with her hands on her ears. Well, then Jason got to the part where the son is holding his dying mother and then goes home to hold his child and he started crying. Although it must not have been much because Bryce didn't notice.

So when I walked into the bathroom and he was sniffling he said, "I didn't think that any kids' book could make me cry. I'll never read that book again."

I think I need to go up there while Caroline is asleep and hide that damn book. Yes, it's heartwarming but I seriously don't think it's necessary to be in a kids library. It's just too damn sad. Plus, I can't run the risk of Jay or I having to read it again.


Anonymous said...

IT's too real isn't it? You know how I've sobbed when reading it. It's such a soul wrenching story of life.

jason said...

It was Bryce's choice, not Caroline. She plugged her ears from page one!

Anonymous said...

That story is a killer. Another peice of advice, don't watch "UP" without tissues!