Monday, June 08, 2009

He Sure Has Lots to Say

Caroline still isn't feeling 100% and didn't go to school today since when we got home from my mom's last night, she had a temp of 100.4 and a nasty cough. Since my MIL was already coming down for Piper, we decided to err on the side of wellness and keep her home. Bryce went to school without any problems. And with Caroline still not feeling great it means that she's somewhat quieter than normal so I think Bryce is picking up the slack to make sure our ears don't get used to the silence. Currently he's upstairs yelling his head off about any an everything that he thinks will persuade one of us to come back up - his blankie not being on right, his leg hurting, needing a drink, etc. We're used to these kind of bedtimes every so often and know he'll eventually come to the conclusion that he just needs to go to sleep.

But here are some funny things that have come out of Bryce's mouth the past few days (although I don't think anything is going to top "My shirt fell off!" anytime soon:

- "Daddy is my bud!" And when Bryce says "bud" he says it like Rudy did on the Cosby Show. (Remember that?) Last night we got home and he told me, "Me and Daddy are going to take a shower together because we're buuuuuds. Buds need to take showers together so we don't miss each other."

- "Mommy, you're amazing!" As I was making dinner this evening and the kids were watching birds out back I told them a story about how I used to go outside with paper, crayons, and binoculars and do some bird watching and then draw the birds. Bryce must have thought that was the greatest idea because he immediately told me I was amazing.

- "I want spikey hair!" Usually Bryce wants nothing done to his hair - combing it post-bath is about all we do. So I was delighted when he asked for hair gel on Saturday and for spikey hair! I happyily obliged and gave him a fauxhawk. My dad didn't even recognize him when he first saw him upon arriving at the party. He was a bit disappointed when the spikes fell down when he went swimming.

- "He has tiny nipples like me!" Upon seeing his friend, Taki, at the party on Saturday one of the first things Bryce noticed was that Taki had the same kind of nipples he did. He then went onto tell me that Piper was going to grow boobs when she grew up, but that he wouldn't.

There are lots more and of course now, I can't think of them all. I'll have to come back and add when I do....

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Heather said...

My favorite is the nipple comment. That is so funny!