Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Piper had a low grade fever yesterday when she was home with my MIL and last night just before midnight, I felt some tap tap tapping on my back. There was Caroline telling me her head felt hot and her legs hurt. Poor baby had a 102 fever. I barely made it back to bed after dispensing ibuprofen when Bryce woke up crying. 101 fever for him. Thankfully they both went back to sleep without any issues and Jason wasn't even aware of the events (although he did wake up enough to tell me where the temporal thermometer was).

So we're all home today. They all 3 seemed to be getting a little warm again so I dosed them up with meds and now they're having breakfast but you can tell they just aren't themselves. At least they're all sick at the same time and this hopefully won't drag out. Bryce does have a cough with some congestion so I don't know what that's about. My dad had something like it and Bryce said a kid at school has a cough too, so who knows. Hopefully the girls won't get that part of it too. We've got stuff going on this weekend that includes swimming so I'm hoping they'll be better by then. We missed out on a get together with the same group at Christmas because we were all sick so I'm hoping for a healthy weekend!

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