Monday, June 29, 2009

Fears or Lack Thereof

Yesterday we were on the beach around 10am and it was good first day weather. Warm but not too sunny. We thought it might rain but never did. I was most concerned about Piper on the beach given the potential for sand eating and such but it turned out she LOVED it. She only tried to eat sand once and she only rubbed her eyes when Caroline mistakenly kicked sand into her face. She was very interested in playing in the sand with her older siblings and didn't seem too bothered by the ocean waves when we had her down at the waterline. Caroline was the first one to ask to come back to the house but I think it was a combination of exhaustion and really wanting to swim in the pool. But before that she had a grand time frolicking in the surf and running around on the beach. She actually likes the waves and water which is almost surprising given her anxiety she has about a lot of other issues. Bryce, on the other hand, who seems unphased by most things in his life is VERY tentative about the ocean. He has to be holding your hand even if the water is just barely tickling his toes. At least this year we're not having to keep a cast dry too.

We came back to the house after lunch and we attempted to get the big kids to take a nap, but that didn't happen and they ended up swimming like maniacs in the pool for a few hours. Piper did have a nap and then joined us in the pool just as Jason and my dad arrived home from their first golfing trip of the week. After dinner we meandered through the backyard to get some Sonic ice cream (our first ever) because well, it's 50ft from our house.

So now the relatives from Kentucky are here and we are getting ready to go back out on the beach. Jason isn't quite feeling like himself this morning after imbibing quite a few beers while playing pool with my dad and brother last night. He didn't make it to bed until after 1am but I was in bed at 11am which was a good thing considering that Piper was up at 6am.

The only bump in the road so far seems to be that last night when the KY relatives arrived my grandmother was showing them around the house and fell on the deck and split her chin open. My mom, the nurse, was sleeping and they just bandaged her up and she went to bed. Well, when my mom got a good look at it this morning she quickly determined that it needed stitches (it was still bleeding some and open) so my parents took her to nearby ER.

Now to figure out our schedule for the day since our beach time involves a lot of stuff for the kids and since beach access isn't really close (the only downfall to the house), we have a little planning to do. Caroline is already starting to get a tan, even with constant sunscreen application. I really need a little color too.

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